Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun at Taipei (Part 2)

Hi I am back to update about my second part of the Taipei trip!

There are plenty of themed cafes in Taipei and it would be a pity if you never get to visit one! For the girls, I would recommend you going to the Hello Kitty Sweets cafe which specializes in serving desserts. Best thing is, the restaurant's interior is designed according to the Hello Kitty theme, which is definitely going to leave you girls squealing with excitement.

The cheese tart that I ordered. Taste was pretty average and prices were slightly pricey but definitely worth the visit if you are a Hello Kitty fan. Moreover, much effort have been put in to incorporate Hello Kitty designs in the food presentation too. 

Even the cashier counter, with a pretty lady donned in pink. 

I would also recommend you to head down to Beitou, where all the popular hot spring pools are located. 

Just simply take the train to XinBeitou station.  

The interior of the train that specially transits at the station. As you can tell, the design is inspired by the hot springs with displays and exhibitions that educates visitors on the history of hot springs in Taiwan. 

I got unlucky as it was drizzling when I arrived so it caused some inconvenience in searching for the perfect place for the hot spring. Fortunately, a nice lady was distributing pamphlets at the station and introduced me this package which seems reasonable so I went ahead with what she recommended.

At approximately SGD$30 per person, transportation would be provided to and fro the station, a 3-hour hot spring session with shower facilities and a high tea meal.

Van from the Royal Seasons Hotel

The tub where you can choose to soak in extremely hot or cold water. 

Clean shower facilities right next to the tub.

High tea provided by the hotel.

Overall, I was satisfied with the service. Although the hot spring experience was nothing close to my imagination of soaking in an outdoor hot spring pool, (which is available at Beitou too but since it was drizzling, I didn't have the chance to explore my options) it was suited for me as I find myself taking a long time to adjust to the hot water temperature. For first timers like me, it would be better to try indoor hot spring instead since you will be able to manually control the temperature. 

I also attended the recording of one of the most popular variety shows in Taiwan, Guess, previously hosted by popular host Jacky Wu. For those who are fanatics of the show just like I am, you can consider emailing China Television Company at or call 02-2781-3888 to enquire about the filming dates. China Television Company can be reached by taking bus 22 from the bus stop opposite Kunyang MRT Station.

In the studio. Where audience are seated on the ground, based on first come first serve basis. 

A flip chart used to provide cues and agenda for the show, for the emcees' references.

Lastly, do try out one of my favourite street food of my entire trip if you have the chance!

Cheese Chicken Fillet, inspired by the US.

Hot nacho cheese stuffed in a big piece of fried chicken fillet.

Hope this post helps you in some way if you planning for your own free and easy trip in Taipei!

If you haven't read part 1 of the trip, click here.

Stay tuned for more weekly updates about travels in and around Singapore.

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